Monday, May 21, 2007

Trying to move up...again

This weekend, I tried to climb out of the $5 9 person sit-n-gos again. And relatively poor results again. I moved to the $10 games and had limited results. I played 4 and only cashed in 1 and that was a 3rd place finish. A nineth, a 6th, a forth and the 4rd.

I finished ninth on the first hand...QQ vs AA. The flop came jack high. I hate those. I figured he had aces, but he just as easily could have had A J. He played out the tourney like a donkey. I just fell victim to the big hand beat by a bigger hand.

The game I took 4th, I went about 4 blind levels without seeing an ace, and during that time had 2 kings...each time with a duece. I stole what I could, but other people had the same plan. The guy to my left was getting the cards and calling just about everything. He took me out in my last hand when I flopped to pair 10's and 4's. A big blind special. I pushed, he had A K. Paired it on the flop and made the set on the river. And he was an ass most of the game.

These get to be tough experiments. I lost $31 on the weekend on total buy-ins of $71.50. Even the $5 games I played this weekend, weren't up to their usual. Played 4, cashed twice...but only a second and third.

Played 1 MTT, finished 37th out of 90. I need a lot more practice at these. All in all...a disappointing weekend. Have to build it back up again. This stagnation is driving me nuts!