Monday, May 7, 2007

Razz...all I can say is Brick Brick Brick

I tried a ring game of Razz this morning. Man is that a frustrating game. I put my $20 down on the table and within about 30 minutes, it was gone. Basically, I lost it in 2 hands...both started perfect, improved on 4th st...and then went brick brick brick. Each time, someone started way worse than me and then improved. I just don't get this game. Is the goal to just get lucky? It doesn't seem to matter how much you bet...people will just call until they hit a hand. Seriously...anyone explain why I can start out perfect, show perfect, keep getting called and then get 3 straight cards all higher than the previous card? One hand, I was dealt A, 2, 4. 4th St. was a 5. The a 9 a 10 and finally...a K. The guy that won the hand had 8,7,6,5,2. I knew he was 8 low, but it must be wrong to count outs...I figured if 7th st was an 8,7,6 or 3...I'd win. Looks like I need to really start counting all the cards in play to make sure I deduct them from the number of outs.

Maybe next time...back to the hold'em tourneys to refill the bankroll.