Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stepping up the number of people

I made a promise to myself to try to mix in a MTT once and while. I play a lot of the 9 person sngs but I know that's my confort zone. I win there, and regularly. But I really need practice in the MTT games.

Tonight I played a $5.50 90 person tourney. I actually played 2, and reminded myself of a big's never worth dying with top pair. Which I did in the first tourney. The second was a different story. I played almost no hands for most of the first hour. Fold, fold, fold. When I played... I had a monster. By the time we reached the bubble, I was in 4th chip position and had spent most of the last 30 minutes before the bubble with the chip lead. Then my cards went dead and I really don't know how to figure in antes. Anyone got a good suggestion on what to do when figuring antes into play?

Took almost 189 minutes. No wonder I don't play these most of the time, but I did take 6th! Not to shabby. I was very short stacked and moved in with 55...of course the guy next to me had KK. Why don't the famous FTP suck outs happen to me?

It's time for's very late.