Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Great Razz Experiment

I hate razz and love razz. Last night, after league, I played a play money sng of HORSE and then played the 100/200 Razz play money table. Weird thing...I made most of my money in the HORSE tournament playing Razz. And realized I sucked at both of the other stud games.

The ring game is where it got intersting. The action was slow and I was playing tight, so I played 2 tables. I felt last night, I was getting much better at reading the hands than I had ever done before. I even was developing a good sense of when they were bluffing or overplaying and when they had it. I didn't lose much money on hands, but quite often won the big pot when it happened. I ended up about 20,000 in play money chips after 2 hours.

I might just try the cash version this weekend again. There are a lot of really bad razz players...I just need to avoid being one of them.