Sunday, May 27, 2007

People say the darnedest things

So far this weekend, I'm up. I'm making more money than I'm spending. YooHoo!

I'm writing because yesterday, during my morning Saturday tournament, I played my usual game for a sng and got heads up. It's been a long time since I was heads up, but I got there.
When I got heads up, I put the clutch in and switched geards. Raising a lot, continuation betting, the whole kit and kaboodal.

In one particualr hand, I was on the button and raised. I raise with 3d 6c. I'm heads up! The flop comes Q 6 4. Since I raised before the flop, I bet the pot. He thought really hard and called. The turn came an Ace. He checked, I checked (not sure at this point if he hit something - he had been one to trap). The river came an, 8, and he checked again. I really didn't think that helped him and he checked. I did a little feeler bet and he called. He was King high! Well, it would seem I played the hand like a donkey cause the complaining never ended. I was a JUNK PLAYER.

I asked, had he spent any time playing heads up and he told me how good he was and that he wouldn't play junk like me. I scratched my head and giggled. A few minutes later, I had aces and then kings. He was done. I thought I'd played everything like you were supposed to. Anyone think this is bad play? I like to mix it up heads up and make sure they never know what I'm doing...


bodie25 said...

You already know the answer to the question - "Did I play this wrong"... But I'll tell you anyway. Yes, you gave him a free card on the turn!

People don't understand that poker is about everything except the cards. I hope nobody tells them, it's fun to listen to them whine.