Thursday, May 3, 2007

Play Money Razz on Full Tilt Poker

I've started getting hooked on playing razz. I've been playing the play money ring games at Full Tilt so I could get comfortable with the rules and how hand get dealt. You really can't learn how to play the people at the table, because it is really common for people to just suck at this game. Last night, MISS47 sits at the table and just plays every hand and raises every street. There were 4 of us who just sat there and waited to be dealt perfect and then raise her raise until we had all of her chips. It was good for me to play her because it reminded me of the power in razz for just playing tight. I was in the pot as long as I could draw well to low and out as soon as I could be easily beaten. This left MISS47 with only get big pots from people that were new to the table and lots of little pots from the rest of us.

I think I will be trying the real money tables here in short order and begin the learning processes of the other aspects of the how to play against people that also know the rules...