Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Home early - a nice change

The usual poker league night was tonight. I'm still exhausted from the State tournament. I busted early...and really didn't feel that bad. Got a laugh out of it. I raise preflop with A 5 clubs from a late middle position. The flop was Q J 9, 2 clubs. Huh...I got the nut flush draw, the backdoor nut straight draw and the guy raises into me. Well, it's donkey night so I put him on a Q. He raises to 300. I reraise to 600, he goes all in. To be perfectly honest, I was very tired and thought it might be fun to play the suck outer. I think I might have actually be ahead at this point, but at the worst, I'm 44% to win the pot...what the heck...I call. He wins the pot and makes a comment about my play. He turns over K Q....hmm...dude...you were all in with a pair of queens. I was a coin flip but it really didn't matter, I was happy either way.

Erin announced Jerry and I placing at state. That was cool. Still hurts not winning, but then again, it always hurts not to win it all.

Tonight's poker league was an experiment for me. I wanted to try playing a little looser for a while to help get the tightness out of my system. I was playing well earlier and sticking around to pressure. I was correct each time that I wasn't behind in the hand...but split every pot. That sucked. I feel better and know I can loosen my play. I probably won't call many flush draws all-in when I know I'm just a coin flip early in a tournament...but it sure would have felt good to suck out on someone. As the pros say, if you are getting sucked out a lot, you are making the right decisions and reads.

Time to fire up Full Tilt for some online action.