Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good Morning!

Didn't get the rest I wanted to, but I feel pretty good this morning. We had a 3am wake up call (aka...the fire alarm went off). Not sure what to expect here at the Shooting Star Casino. That pretty much sucked. I can't wait for a smoke free world...people will smoke everywhere here. Our room is smoke free, but you get whifs of it coming under the door as people walk by.

Registration is at 10am and the tournament starts at 11am. If I have a break long enough to get back to the room and blog, I will be posting.

We're going out for breakfast. We got a package of coupons that should work out well. We even got coupons worth $40 in quarters! Now to keep Brenda from spending them...that's for the other blog.


Bodie25 said...

I want text messages during the level changes! Be patient, and find your spot! Good Luck, talk to you soon.

ps. Ron Wilson should be around there somewhere, he said he was making the trip up there even though he wasn't playing in the event...