Friday, November 9, 2007

Poker League and the cry for help

Poker league, poker league, poker league.

Rule #1 - Don't play poker exhausted. - If you've read anything from the pros as it relates to poker advice it's this. Get plenty of rest. Tuesday, I definitely did not get plenty of rest.

One of the big differences I have noticed between live and online poker is my ability to play tired. Online...I can play tired. In the hair-trigger tilt button.

Poker league starts at ~7 pm. It usually starts a couple of minutes later than that. I was done at 7:15. It seems I have no tolerance for horrible play being rewarded and decided that ignoring all the facts was a better way to play.

I had just watched a fairly poor player win a hand from UTG with 8♠6♠. Of course you'd play's SUITED! Most of the hands so far had been won with someone playing something suited from out of position...or had been called all the way to the river with ace high. Not because they thought someone was bluff, they just hoped their kicker was big enough to win. Oye Vey!

I found myself in the LB. The blinds are a whopping 25/25. As usual, there is a 3 limpers and I look down to find AQ. As mentioned earlier...the tilting has probably already begun. I had 5 hours of sleep and full day at work, and enough just amazingly bad poker in 10 minutes to make me want to scream. So I raise it 200. Actually a very large bet at this time. I get one caller. Same guy from the last paragraph, and no signs he's improved since then. The flop comes A75 rainbow. OK...since his call of such a large bet can be read to mean, he's still got any two cards, I raise to 500. There is a very good chance he's got a set, 2 pair, a bigger pocket pair, a straight draw, an ace, a king, or any 2 other suited cards. He immediately reraises me. This narrows down his hands to he probably has one of the suits showing, a straight draw, a set or a big ace like A9 or A10. I'm just really tired and move all in...he can't wait to get his money in...he turns over 55. He hit the set. It never dawned on him that I could have an over set. Not that it mattered...I went home, crushed a couple of $1.25 9 person sngs on Full Tilt and went to bed.

Tonight, I'm well rested and ready to go again. For Bourbonators!