Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mondays Whiskey Bones Roadhouse - Big Doc Poker

I've been hoping to get Bodie25 out of his funk now for a few weeks. He's turned doin ho's and gang bang to pass the time. A change of scenery would do me some good too.

Whiskey Bones Roadhouse is a local bar here in Rochester that I reviewed and took pictures at a while ago. When I was there, I noticed a little sign on the wall advertising free poker on Mondays. I've played some two other places here in Rochester that do free poker. I like this bar for blues, so maybe it might be fun for poker!

This particular night is run by Big Doc Poker. He's a for hire poker night runner. This particular bar, he pays $100 for first, $30 and $20 bar tabs for 2nd and 3rd. I have no idea what a married father of 2 would do with a $30 bar tab (we just don't get out much and this place doesn't serve food)...so I figured this to be a winner takes all tournament.

I got there early enough to enter both Bodie25 and I in for the nights festivities. I also spent some time scouting out the competition. For the most part, this was a new crowd. Randy was the only guy I new. There is a lady in a wheelchair and her friend that had been a Brother's before, but no one I've really seen before. Bodie25 shows up and shortly after we get our seat assignments.

I gotta say, I got probably the worst table to start with anyone could hope to have. We'll just call her "Big boobed drunk birthday girl" (BBDBG), she was sitting at my table. Not sure why she was even there, but she had never played poker in her life...not to mention she's been drinking for 8 hours. This was not good and it was taking FOREVER to play each hand. The only advantage to this table...we had a dead money spot saved for a guy that never showed, and after BBDBG got escorted out of the poker area for excessive potty mouth, they would divide up their chips and redistribute them to the table. I was making money and not playing a hand...not bad.

It was really not uncommon for there to be 7 people in a pot on a table of 8 here. Yours truly, of course decided to play the opposite of the people around me and just played super tight. I missed out on quads once when my Q♣J♣ would have hit. But a guy could have easily been chipless putting money into these pots where J3o is hitting the straights. It was a train wreck waiting to happen.

No one really noticed that I hadn't played a hand for an hour any way. I raised it to 4XBB after folding 4 orbits, and I got 6 callers. Good think I mucked AK after seeing the flop. J7 had hit the straight and was stacking chips.

My table stayed together for a pretty long time. I eventually got moved to Bodie25's table. I was pretty short stacked and looking for an opportunity to push them all in. Unfortunately for Bodie25, he gave me the next window to do it. He's on the button, I'm in the BB. He gives up this little "I'm gonna steal your blinds" raise, I look down to A9o. Now, at this moment, he's either got me dominated and actually has a hand, or he's playing position. I really believe he's playing position and I shove. My shove isn't that big compared to his raise, so we are off. He turns J9...cool...I'm ahead. Now full well, a jack is coming. But alas...my ace finds a friend and I double up. I had enough chips now to steal the blinds for a while. Bodie25 unfortunately runs out of gas and goes home just shy of the final table. I think he busts 10th. Nice showing!

There is a guy at this table that is a carbon copy of my wife ex-stepdad that passed away. I gotta say, it was freaking me out a bit. Tom was a great guy and very much apart of our lives when were just starting out. This version has a mountain of chips and has been drinking screwdrivers like a drunken prom queen. Maniac Aggressive and keeps getting paid off.

I traverse my way to the final table. They do it up on the stage...with studio lighting...you know, the colored lights. I happened to be sitting under the red light, the diamonds and hearts almost disappeared...nice. Didn't matter. I watch 3 people bust from the table. Surprisingly, the skill level at this point was a bit inexperienced playing short handed at the final table. There is now an ante and the blinds are 400/800 with a 100 ante. People were still min raising preflop, so there was lots of action. With the 5 people left, I have 5400 chips. We start each hand with 1700 in the pot. It folds to me. I squeeze AJo in the BB. I decided that I'll put the blinds to the test and hope to just walk away with the stack in the middle. I push them all in. The BB thinks for a little while...this ain't good. He's been a fairly solid player. He calls and turns of A♠K♠. Crap! A bigger hand. I took a chance and it didn't work out.

This game is definitely beatable. I'd like to take another swing for the $100. Maybe next week. Tonight...more live poker at Brother's!