Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hunt For a Satellite Token

I really want to play in the AIPS II Main Event. My online bankroll is hovering just over 3 c notes. So a $26 buy-in seems like a pretty big investment.

As I wrote in "I tried something new and survived," I was going to try and win my way in by getting a satellite token. My first attempt, I finished second and won $10. My second attempt, same result. So I figure that gives me $11.20 more to spend in my quest for a token.

I tried for a third time tonight and busted way to early. I just played it badly. Flopped second pair and a got shot straight draw. On raise, surprisingly low for the pot size, so I called. The turn pairs the Q on the flop. Again, the villain raises, but it's only about 60% of the pot. I just don't feel like he has anything. The river was the J I needed to make my straight. Unfortunately, the villain had JJ for the full house. This devastated my stack.

I really think I gotta figure out how to quit with these momentary calling station plays. UGGG! Anyone got a good way to get rid of a leak?

So the quest for the token now sits at $ more loss and I'll have to make a decision. OhCountess hasn't given me the day off yet anyways...I think I should clear up that little detail too.


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I've made two attempts at landing that AIPS II ME entry thus far.

One was a 600 FTP SNG (winner take all), and I finished second. Had an epic heads-up battle in that one in which I was the short stack probably 80% of the time.

The other was one of those token frenzy tourneys ($6+0.50). 204 entered, I believe, meaning 47 or so won tokens. I landed about 65th.

Haven't decided my next move. The token frenzy seems the least difficult path, although being a turbo tourney some luck is probably needed. Am hoping to land my token, then write a post about my adventures getting it (preferring the happy ending).

(Oh, and you reminded me -- I should probably check w/Vera if I'm free that day, too lol.)