Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holidays and Full Tilt Poker me paranoid. Tell me I'm thinking like Chirs on Ante Up, but is it just me or do the players and the play at Full Tilt Poker just go goofy on holiday weekends.

When I go through Poker Tracker and examine my results and ROI, there is always a dip over a major holiday.

My theory has always been that the truly casual players become more numerous on these weekends, but why do I seem unable to keep winning at the same rate I usually do? Yesterday, I got it all in preflop late in a tournament with KK to a little pair only to come up bust...3 times! I'd expect to loose this 1 out of 5 times, but each time I had it yesterday...WHAM! Variance. Not to mention, putting someone to the test for all their chips and have them call with 33 isn't frustrating enough.

It just seems like variance gets a boost...where is my foil helmet...I think they are listening.