Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Name is Hoyazo - The Hammer Player

Just read this article on Each day I grow more and more disappointed with the state of journalism on this site.

Under Texas Hold'em Tips, you will find an article called "The Rise of the Hammer". Let's see how they mention Hoyazo...

One online poker blogger came up with the name "The Hammer" and ran a contest to see who could win with this hand, and the name has caught on.

Hmmm...did we forget to mention who the blogger was or even mention the web site??? Nice...spew the big names for playing with the hammer, but forget the guy that named it.'s in the details. the details.

UPDATE: I was informed that the blogger actually mentioned in the article is Grubby. Not sure who that is yet...even still MENTION THE DAMN BLOGGERS NAME IN THE ARTICLE!


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