Monday, November 26, 2007

Overblocking and the UIGEA and my frustration with humans

Short-Stacked Shamus challenges the brains of all who read his posts. More than once now, he's sent my brain into a logic loop trying to solve an enigma.

In a recent post entitled "Overblocking and the UIGEA", he discusses his frustration and analysis of the Annie Duke's premise that UIGEA will cause "Overblocking." Banks will block transactions that are probably legal, but since there is a hint of grey, they will block in anyways just to be sure.

The entire movement to ban online poker just pushes me to the limits of what this libertarian can stomach.

I've written about this subject in the passed and on other blogs, but what is with governments desire to protect me from myself? And why do the people allow this to happen? I personally find the idea that the government should protect me from me is ludicrous. So why do we continue to allow the government more and more control of our lives?

I personally think its because people don't care. Most people pay so little attention to their government that don't even know what's happening. Fat, dumb and stupid. Just the way they need us. The only time people notice is when the government gets too close to something they are paying attention to, their wallets.

My daughters school is doing a pretty good job of teaching her about government, but the problem is...she's 8. My sister-in-law recently graduated from High School. In there, they learn almost nothing of government and what they do learn, is taught so quickly that it is forgotten within minutes. It seems we as a people work harder to make sure kids learn about Creation than we do to teach them about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

For me, I've taken matters into my own hands. I've called my congressmen more than once. I've sent them emails and I also spend time talking to my kids about democracy, freedom and government. I take my kids to the polls with me when I vote so they can see how it works. Most of my neighbors stay home. Its sad.

Now keep in mind, my greatest concern with the leaders of this country is that our political system is currently designed and built for the maintanance of parties. It used to be the parties were there to support politicians. This is no longer the case. The politicians serve the parties...but that's a whole other post, but this fact is keenly important to this conversation.

Each party derives its finances from donations from people that care. These people tend to be the people that pay attention to government and how it can server them, but no one should be suprised, these people are looking out for the issues that matter most to them, not the country.

During the Regan administration, we started seeing the rise of the fringe groups. The religous right rose and showed how much money it could raise for a candidate. This bought them power and influence. The Democrats have been overwhelmed by their fringe groups now as well. So this country derives most of its political will from both the far left and the far right. Not only do these people bring money to game, they also bring votes. The middle, while more numerous, provides neither money or votes.

So Shamus, I share your pessimism. I really don't see this problem lasting forever. Outside of dissolving the WTO, I see no way for the US to avoid this little fiasco costing them billions of dollars. The pressure is building to get rid of this law, but I think you are right, its gonna get worse before it gets better.