Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If it was always this easy, I would quit my day job

Last night, I got hit by the deck, and hit hard.

The first $2 9 person SNG of the night, I busted early...stupid mistake made by me. I knew it, made a note on it and moved to the next one. Something very strange happened the next game...I was getting just sick cards. I'm mean REALLY SICK!

From Poker Tracker

Yes, 17 minutes. I wouldn't even blame the other players in the game...I just couldn't get bad cards.

First Hand: I'm the BB and dealt K2♣. UTG+1 raises to 60. It folds to me. I call the one bet raise. Flop comes K♥ 7 7♣. OK...I hit my K and I seriously doubt I need to worry about the 7s. I lead out with a pot size bet (135) and he calls. The turn K♣. Ok...I now have the nuts. I again raise out of position for a pot size bet (405). The Villian here raises all-in for 1305. Is there any way possible I could lay this down? Seriously? He would have to have pocket 7s! I call. The Villian turns over TT. Yep...TT. A meaningless river card is exposed. One player busted. It's nice to start out a SNG with a double stack.

Next Hand: It folds to my in LB. I raise one bet, BB folds.

Hand 3: I'm on the button and dealt A♣K♣. MP Villian raises pot to 105. Folds to me, I reraise it to 180 and it folds around again to the Villian that just calls. Flop comes A♠7♠9The Villain raises to 150. I hit the pot raise button and make it 855. Villian comes over the top all-in. I assume he's got the Ace and make the call...remember...I have a fairly large stack here. The Villian turns over not two pair, but AJ Wow! I was hoping to be a head. 3 hands in, I have a triple stack.

On the very next hand...two other players go all-in and one is eliminated...and not by me. This is hand 4 and we are down to 6.

2 hands pass without much action, but on hand 7...

I'm the BB and dealt KQ. Not the greatest of starting hands out of position, but let's just see what happens. It folds to the cutoff who raises it to 150. LB (the other big stack) and I both call. Flop comes Q♣Q♠6♣. Well, isn't that special. The two blinds...we each check and original raiser bet 30. We all know what that means...SWING AND A MISS! The LB raises 300, I think he's trying the resteal...why wouldn't he...the 30 bet was just plain dumb. I raise it to 1380 to see if anyone wants to dance again...everyone folds. I was hoping this looked like a big stack bully move, so I didn't show. That's still a nice pot at 1080 chips.

The very next hand. Action folds to me in the BB. I call with K♠K. I kinda figured everyone is getting sick of me running over the table by now. I might not get action for being a bully. This seemed to work. The flop comes...T♠42. My chip stack at the beginning of the hand is 5220. The LB stack sits at 1455. I have some room to gamble...he raises to 80 (a 2XBB raise) I raise it back to 160, he raises to 560 and then moved him all-in. I'm positive he has hit something and I was right...he had top pair with a 3 kicker. He hits no more

8 hands into the tournament, I now have almost half the chips in play (6675).

I'm quite sure that no one else at the table is enjoying this as much as I am. The other weird thing, I haven't exactly been sucking out on people either. I've had the cards. There seems to be a general state of shock at the table, and I steal and bully my way around for a while. I don't normally play this loose in a SNG, but my goodness...this is ridiculous.

5 hands since I've eliminated someone...I've built my stack to 7075. I'm back in the SB and dealt K2. The blinds are at 20/40 and it folds to me. I raise it 2 bets to 120 and get called. The flop comes J♠T♣Q. I bet the flop (240), and this hands villian moves all-in. This raise is only about 10% of my stack. He's probably hit something, but I make the call any ways. I seriously planned on losing this to keep up the idea that I'm an idiot, but fate intervenes. The villian turns over K♠J♣...he's ahead and drawing to the same straight as me. As it turns out, it was all for naught...the turn and river are both diamonds...I win with a flush and we are down to 4. Bubble time and we are only on the 2nd blind level.

I figured it would calm down after this...I mean really...this is getting sick even to me.

5 hands after the last bust out, I have an unimaginable chip lead (8040). The rest of the stacks look like this 2465, 1855, 1140. I'm almost priced in to calling any all in...just because. The button raises to 175, and I call with...KQ...again. The BB joins the action as well. The flop comes 6♣6J. This time, everyone all checks. I really get the feeling that no one wants to be in the pot with me. The turn is the K♣. My guess was everyone missed the flop, so this should make my two pair good. I bet it pot (525), the BB calls and the button folds. We are off the river where we find T♠. I fear no evil and put the Villian all in. Not like I have to worry at this point. I lose to him and I still have more than half the chips in play. I show my 2 pair and he mucks! He had pair the J and was trying to trap me. D'oh! Children...this is why we never bet the universe slow playing top pair.

And now, the bubble burst, I'm embarrassed. I have 10,040 in chips.

Needless to say, I didn't donk of my chips to anyone and within a few minutes, the table was empty. 17 minutes was all it took to clear the table. GAWD I love getting hit by the deck!


SitNGoTraining.com said...

You made my day reading through this. What an awesome run!

If you send my the hand history for this one I will post it in a replayer and send you the code so you can add it to the bottom of this page. It would be fun to watch it!

I hope your good luck continues!